Porsche Exhaust Upgrade

Porsche Exhaust Upgrade

At RPM Specialist Cars we have a wealth of experience in successful Porsche exhaust upgrades and modifications.

All Porsche models are fitted with a silencer box which in recent years, have been engineered to produce lower decibels when accelerating.

To produce an aggressive sports exhaust tone desired by enthusiasts, our technicians will remove or bypass the silencer and fit a sports exhaust specifically designed for your Porsche model.


Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE)

The Porsche Sports Exhaust system is a genuine Porsche product designed to enhance the sound of the exhaust

The system consists of an exhaust flap on each main silencer that’s activated by the engine’s electronic control system. Once activated, the system varies the sound of the exhaust as a function of engine load, speed and road speed.


Porsche Sports Exhaust

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Shark Werks Sports Exhaust

The Shark Werks Sport Exhaust system dramatically improves the sound on a wide range of Porsche Models

SharkWerks has been modifying 911s for more than a decade and now stocks upgrades and mufler bypass systems for the majority of modern day variants.

This is one of the most popular systems with our customers

Shark Werks Porsche Exhaust RPM

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Below is a list of manufacturers we use for a range of exhausts modifications. Our technicians use a range of sports exhaust manufacturers depending on your specific model, budget and requirements

Porsche Sports Exhaust Manufacturers

Miltek Sportshttp://www.millteksport.com
Shark Werkshttps://www.sharkwerks.com
Porsche PSEhttps://www.porsche.com


If you would like to discuss options for upgrading your Porsche exhaust, please contact one of our team who will be more than happy to help: 01423 865 602. Alternatively fill in our enquire form and a member of our team will come back to you.

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