Carnewal Porsche Sports Exhaust

The Carnewal GT exhaust is a popular system for Porsche 987 owners. It produces a louder deeper sound without resonance.  Some of the noise reduction that Porsche built into the muffler is removed yet it retains the same flat 6 sound from the factory, only louder.

Carnewal GT Exhaust


The Carnewal GT exhaust system is a modified original exhaust.

It looks just like a stock exhaust on the outside but the internals are reworked to achieve a better breathing, less restrictive exhaust.

Carnewal exhaust systems need to be purchased direct from Carnewal. Please visit their website for prices and more information:

Fitment costs start from £200 + VAT and are dependant on model specific parts required.

Carnewal Exhaust Systems are one of a range of options for 981 and 987 models. Our team of specialist Porsche technicians have a wealth of experience installing high performance exhaust systems. If you would like to discuss any of the Porsche sports exhaust products we recommend, please get in touch by calling 01423 865 602 or complete the contact form below and one of our exhaust specialists will come back to you.

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