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IMS Bearing Replacement

We have a wealth of experience in successful IMS bearing upgrades. Our technicians use the IMS Retrofit Bearing designed by LN Engineering which is the original ceramic hybrid ball-bearing replacement for 2000-2005 Porsche Boxsters and Porsche 911s

Fore more information about IMS bearings and replacement costs please visit our service page

IMS Bearing Replacement


Porsche IMS Bearing

Rear Main Seal (RMS)

RMS problems are common on Porsche 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman models and in most cases they usually cause nothing more than a slight oil leak however, in some severe cases it can cause contamination to the clutch friction plate, resulting in poor gear selection and loss of performance.

Further information about RMS can be found on the following page

Porsche Rear Mail Seal

Bore Scoring

All water cooled 911’s Boxster’s and Caymans from 2004 through to 2006 are at risk of suffering from bore scoring however, it would appear the percentage of engines actually affected is relatively low.

Find our more about symptoms and recommendations on the following service page

Porsche Bore Scoring

Porsche Cylinder Bore Score

Air-Cooled Porsche

Our trained technicians have many years of experience working with Classic Porsche Models and are on hand to offer advice and guidance regarding your specific Porsche model. Whether you require the suspension fixing, have IMS issues or need a complete engine overhaul, we are here to help offer the best solution.

Air-Cooled Porsche Services

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