Porsche Servicing and Repair Centre

Our Porsche servicing and repair centre in Harrogate is run and managed by fully qualified Porsche trained technicians. From the early air cooled cars through to the more technically advanced water cooled derivatives of today, our technicians have extensive experience throughout the Porsche range. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that the advise we offer and the service we deliver is of the highest standard at all times. View Porsche service prices

Open Door Approach

On visiting our service department here at RPM Specialist Cars you can rest assured both you and your Porsche will receive only the best care and attention at all times. As partners we play an active role in the day to day running of the business and have a completely transparent open door approach. You are invited into our workshop area to view any work being conducted on your car and just as importantly, we explain why such work is required prior to proceeding.

Service based on trust

Speaking directly with the technician working on your Porsche builds a joint understanding of what you and your Porsche require. Equally as important is understanding what’s involved, your expectations and forming a solid basis of trust. We are grateful that many of our customers even go as far as to call it a friendship.

Substantial savings

We offer a labour rate that is substantially lower than Porsche main dealers and in most cases around 50% can be saved. The majority of our service and repair works see us use only original equipment parts. Your Porsche will be maintained to the highest standard using the parts it was designed to have fitted when it left the factory.

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