Porsche 924

Porsche 924

RPM have seen many Porsche 924 models pass through their doors, the main of which have been to undergo repair and maintenance, however we are always happy to have a quality used Porsche 924 for sale in our showroom. Over the years we have not only sold cars but also assisted many customers with the purchase of their new Porsche. We can do this in many ways, sometimes it’s just a little bit of friendly advice required, others may feel happier with more guidance and a reassurance that the car they are buying meets a certain standard of quality, for this we offer a service many call a PPI (pre purchase inspection) some customers may rather leave the entire process in our hands and ask us to source their classic Porsche for them, a service which we are more than happy to undertake on your behalf.

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Porsche 924 service prices

When it comes to the classic Porsche it is important that a reputable Porsche specialist is used, not only one that has experience and knowledge working on the older Porsche, but one that has also established good links with experienced Porsche parts suppliers over the years, as parts for the classics may not always be as readily available as they are for the new models.

Sell my Porsche 924

If you are looking to sell your Porsche 924, please get in touch. We are always happy to take a quality used Porsche into stock and offer a couple of options, we can provide a no obligation valuation to purchase your car outright or what some customers prefer, is for us to sell their car for them Porsche Sale Or Return this option tends to return the customer more money without the hassles and time spent selling themselves.

Porsche workshop location

Our Porsche garage and sales facility are situated in Knaresborough, on the out skirts of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Where we have great transport links and easy access from surrounding areas such as York, Boroughbridge, Wetherby, Ripon, Leeds and Teesside

Porsche 924 Review / History

The Porsche 924 ran from 1976 – 1988 and although initially introduced as an entry level Porsche, improvements continued with the evolution of some very interesting models throughout the 924 range. The 924 was Porsche’s first front engine road going car released, with its initial design and development work shared with Volkswagen. The early 924 was supplied with a 2 litre 4 cylinder inline engine and 4 speed gearbox that later evolved into a 5 speed dog leg box that due to durability remained in the turbo version throughout, even after the introduction of the more conventional H pattern gearbox. The naturally aspirated 924 S was introduced in 1984 taking on the more powerful 944 designed 2.5 engine. Turbo versions also seeing new additions including the Carrara GT version which raised suspicion of Porsches intention to enter the 924 in competition. We also saw a 924 Carrera GTS version and a GTS Club sport specifically designed for the track.

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