Porsche 986 S Sports Exhaust Modification

Porsche 986 Sports Exhaust

Porsche 986 S Sports Exhaust Modification

With so many sports exhaust systems on the market today the choice really is endless, however, sometimes it’s the simple modifications that can make all the difference!

This is no more than a standard stock exhaust silencer with a few simple modifications carried out, you will see from the photo’s that this silencer now incorporates two bypass pipes, which deliver an amount of unsilenced air from the engine, providing a deeper and more sporty tone.

This was recently fitted to a customer’s Porsche, who has previous experience of several sports systems across the 986 / 987 range, all with unsatisfactory results including volume along with the amount of drone / resonance at certain rev ranges.

This is how a customer describes their driving experience after this modification.

“I’m delighted with the exhaust….lovely growl accelerating through the gears & on a normal throttle at 60/70 mph its almost normal….it’s like having a loud induction system.

With the hood down it’s even better what a fantastic noise accelerating through the gears…proper good.

Can’t believe in what is essentially a cheap modification transforming the car. There is no drone…marvellous.“

Porsche 986 Sports Exhaust

Well I think that says it all really, and on the back of a result and testimony like this we will most certainly be looking to add this as a service offering for all 986 owners very soon with options to perhaps include other models after testing.

Process and prices have not been confirmed yet, however please complete the form below to register your interest in this modification and we will let you know just as soon as these finer details have been finalised.


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