Zunsport Zunsport Grilles

Porsche Zunsport stainless steel grilles are designed and manufactured to fit your specific Porsche model, they are available in a natural stainless steel or finished with a black coating. These stylish grills not only help protect your Porsche they also provide an attractive visual enhancement that is proving to be a popular choice with our customers

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The nature of the modern Porsche with its coolant radiators mounted up front within large bumper openings, not only supplies the radiators with vast amounts of air but also leaves them somewhat vulnerable to damage. This can be in the form of sharp/hard objects entering the vents at speed puncturing components or from a build-up of leaves and road debris which sit and decompose against the radiator walls causing unnecessary corrosion. This can result in a costly bill for replacement parts.

Keeping the air vents clear in your Porsche will reduce the chance of corrosion however, it cannot help in preventing damage caused by a stone or sharp object hitting the radiator. Cleaning the vents can also prove difficult on certain models due to design constraints.

A high-quality Zunsport mesh grille fitted to the air intakes will help keep leaves and other debris out, reducing the risk of stone chips whilst allowing air to flow as normal. Fitting these grilles will protect the front radiators and condensers at a fraction of a cost of replacing damaged parts.

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