Porsche Centre Console Refurbished & Painted to Match Exterior

In the realm of Porsche perfection, every detail matters. Recently, at RPM Specialist Cars, we encountered a unique challenge when one of our customers brought in his stunning Aqua Blue Porsche 987. While the exterior boasted immaculate allure, a closer look inside revealed a less-than-perfect element – the scuffed and peeling black plastic centre console.

Traditionally, the solution might involve a costly replacement, with genuine parts often exceeding £1000. However, our customer sought a more economical yet equally exquisite alternative. Turning to our team, an innovative idea emerged: rather than opting for a new part, why not refurbish the existing one?

Our skilled technicians removed the plastic trim from the 987 and got to work refurbishing the centre console. The process involved sanding down, carefully removing the worn coating, and etching the surface for optimal adhesion. A layer of specialist primer coated the trim before applying a flawless Aqua Blue paint, mirroring the car’s exterior.

The result? A beautiful colour matched centre console that seamlessly harmonises with the rest of the Porsche’s interior. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also showcases our commitment to cost-effective solutions without compromising on elegance. What’s even more impressive is the value proposition – the entire refurbishment came at just 50% of the cost of a new plastic console.

As you can imagine, our customer was over the moon with the finished result and this is now a service we are pleased to offer all Porsche owners.

Subtle changes, from distinctive rear wings and stylish air vents to bespoke plastic interior elements, can transform your Porsche into a unique masterpiece tailored to your individual style.

If you would like to enquire about small yet impactful changes we can make to personalise your Porsche, please get in touch with our team today.

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