Porsche convertible soft-top re-proofing treatment

Over time the fabric hood of your Porsche convertible can lose its waterproof properties becoming absorbent and holding onto dirt which can penetrate the fabrics surface, causing discolouration and staining. This can also progress into a potentially more serious issue such as a damp interior, mouldy headlining or even irreparable damage to the fabric itself. Colour fade can also become an issue for untreated fabrics, this is a result of unprotected exposure to the sun and its UV rays, although you may be thinking that in Britain the sunshine is a thing of the past, we do see just about enough of it to justify protecting your Porsche convertible top!

After all we wouldn’t let our other loved ones go out in the sun unprotected, would we?

A deep clean and re-proofing of your Porsche convertible roof, not only helps maintain its original condition but also provides optimum protection, creating an impenetrable barrier against contaminants and damaged caused by UV rays. You’ll be pleased to hear it also makes general cleaning a lot easier as the dirt can no longer be absorbed into the roof fabric and is left sitting on the surface to be easily washed away.

Re-colouring a faded hood is a cost effective way to revive the appearance of a discoloured Porsche convertible top. If required, this process is performed between the cleaning and protection stages.

Watch this video to see how effective the re-proofing process is


How do we re-proof your Porsche hood?

Stage 1. Our technicians will assess the overall condition of your Porsche roof before carrying out the deep clean process. Using a specialist water based fabric hood cleaner to remove any ingrained dirt, algae and other contaminants from the fabric.
Stage 2. After the cleaning process the roof is rinsed and excess water is vacuum-extracted to help remove all traces of dirt and moisture.
Stage 3. If required this is when the hood would be re-coloured using a specialist fabric dye to cover any staining or fabric fade.
Stage 4. Once dry the roof re-proofing protection is applied.

How much does it cost to re-proof my Porsche hood?

This depends on the overall condition of your convertible hood and whether you wish to have just the sealant applied for protection or the additional re-colour to bring back the depth of colour.

Re-Proofing £130.00 plus VAT

Re-Colouring and Re-Proofing £225.00 plus VAT

If you would like to book your car in to have one or more of the above re-proofing treatments on your Porsche hood, please contact a member of our team today.


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