Porsche Wheel Alignment Explained

How to tell if your Porsche needs a wheel alignment check

  • Are your Porsche tyres wearing unevenly?
  • Is your Porsche pulling to the left or right?
  • Is your steering wheel out of position when driving in a straight line?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, it is likely that your Porsche may need alterations to the wheel alignment. With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to give your Porsche a vehicle health check and ensure your wheels are aligned correctly for optimum performance.

If the front wheel alignment is out, it will increase the wear and tear of both front tyres however, if the rear alignment is out, it will not only impact the rear tyres, it will also impact the front due to the front axle counteracting the rear alignment. The cost for a set of 4 new tyres can cost up to £1,000 so prevention is definitely worthwhile


Here are a few technical terms you may hear our technicians use when discussing wheel alignment issues.


Camber is the tilt of the top of a wheel inwards or outwards (negative or positive) Negative camber is when the bottom of the wheel is further out than the top of the wheel. Positive camber is the opposite to this.

Toe (or tracking)

The toe is the angle of the wheel from a birds eye view (irrelevant of steering position). “Toe In’ is when the wheel/s are pointing towards the body of the car, “Tow out” being the opposite. Both increase tyre wear and increase drag as the tyre is effectively scrubbing itself while driving in a straight line.


Castor is the angle in relation to the top and bottom of the wheel. Positive caster will increase steering effort and straight line tracking, also increases tire lean when cornering as the steering angle is increased.

Most standard cars are not adjustable at the rear, fortunately Porsche are fully adjustable at all four corners which means we can precisely set-up the wheel alignment to provide optimum performance, this reduces tyre wear and keeps grip levels up for a better driving experience.

If you would like to book your Porsche in for our wheel alignment and geometry service, please contact one of our team on 01423865602

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