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Porsche Power Steering | Repair over replacement

We’ve had the pleasure of the 996 generation of 911 and Boxsters now for around 20 years. Yes that’s right 20 years, how time fly’s when you’re having fun…

These cars have now come to an age where some will require certain items replacing, which can unfortunately be a costly exercise.

One such item is a part located within the vehicle steering system; the power steering rack. This has a pair of metal transfer pipes fitted directly into the steering rack that are starting to fall victim to corrosion. As the picture to the right shows. Until recently, the only option has been to replace the entire steering rack since Porsche do not sell these pipes individually.

Steering difficulty

The failure of these pipes could result in significant difficulty steering the vehicle. The steering system exhausts itself of fluid, loses the ability to assist and therefore increases the effort required by the driver. Some systems may even disperse oil onto the tyres and road surface which could result in the unthinkable consequences.

Not wanting to sound old fashioned, in what has become a modern throwaway nation. We have (with our customer’s interest in mind) found a more cost effective solution to resolve this issue. After much research, we have located a British company who manufacture and supply the replacement pipes. This means you can now have your steering rack repaired  without the need for the more costly replacement.


What’s involved?

Hopefully your Porsche has made it into our workshop without the stressful inconvenience of a failure. We would much prefer to repair the steering rack as a preventative maintenance measure prior the event…

Step 1

Comfortably position your Porsche on the ramp, raise to the required height, remove the front wheels and lower the sub frame to enable access to work on the steering rack.

Step 2

Remove the old corroded power steering pipes and replace with the new ones.

Step 4

Reassemble and replace any lost power steering fluid prior to bleeding the steering system and carrying out a short road test to settle the steering and suspension.

Step 5

Carry out a full 4 wheel alignment which will result in optimum steering geometry. One final road test to ensure all work has been a total success before returning your Porsche to you.

Please feel free to give us a call on 01423 865602 to discuss in more detail or to confirm a booking.


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