IMS Bearing Replacement

IMS Bearing

At RPM Specialist Cars we have a wealth of experience in successful IMS bearing upgrades. Our technicians use the IMS Retrofit Bearing designed by LN Engineering which is the original ceramic hybrid ball-bearing replacement for 2000-2005 Porsche Boxsters and Porsche 911s

The IMS Upgrade for 2006-2008 uses an adapter bush that converts the larger bearing journal to accept the Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit so that after engine re-assembly the IMS bearing can be serviced without future engine disassembly.

Additional info regarding Porsche 997’s

Base engine (3.6) has designation “M96”, can have the smaller IMS or the revised larger bearing, you will need to know your engine number in order to determine which one you have:

Engine (3.6) number up to M96/05 69507475 has the smaller IMS bearing
Engine number from M96/05 69507476 has the larger revised IMS.

“S” Engine (3.8) has designation “M97”, can have the smaller IMS or revised larger IMS bearing:

Engine (3.8) number up to M97/01 68509790 has the smaller IMS bearing
Engine number from M97/01 68509791 has the larger revised IMS.

How much does it cost to replace an IMS Bearing?

The IMS Bearing prices detailed below are for the supply and installation of the replacement IMS bearing (prices are subject to VAT at 20%)

Porsche ModelManualTiptronic
Porsche Boxster 986 IMS Bearing Replacement£1,049£1,199
Porsche Boxster 987 IMS Bearing Replacement (up to 2006)£1,049£1,199
Porsche 996 C2 IMS Bearing Replacement£1,099£1,249
Porsche 996 C4 IMS Bearing Replacement£1,149£1,299
Porsche 997 (up to 2006) Gen 1 C2 & C2S IMS Bearing Replacement£1,099£1,249
Porsche 997 (up to 2006) C4S IMS Bearing Replacement£1,149£1,299


Which Porsche models are at risk of an IMS bearing failure?

All water cooled 911’s Boxster’s and Caymans from 1999 through to 2008 are at risk of suffering an IMS bearing failure, with the exception of the Turbo, GT2 and GT3 models which maintained use of the air-cooled style shaft.

Through production of these models Porsche have changed the bearing type several times, initially using a dual row bearing from 1999 – 2000 before moving onto a single row bearing between 2001 – 2005 (reports indicate this single row bearing as being the most liable to failure). The later 997 and 987 Boxster and Caymans used a larger single row bearing with greater load capabilities that proved to be a lot more reliable.

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For further information on IMS bearings or to arrange an appointment to have yours replaced please contact our service department on 01423 865602.

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