How to fit Zunsport Grilles to a Porsche 991

RPM Specialist Cars are authorised agents of Zunsport Grilles offering both supply and an in-house fitting service.

If you are not experienced at fitting Zunsport grilles and you are planning to fit the grilles yourself, ensure the air vents are cleaned prior to fitting and apply masking tape around the apertures to protect the paintwork.


Fit Zunsport Grilles to your 991 in 5 simple steps:


  1. Locate the outer part of the grille behind the aperture
  2. Carefully guide the inner bracket behind the aperture until it clips into position
  3. Use a long thin screw driver to make sure it has clipped into place
  4. Align upper grilles and pilot fixing hole
  5. Screw grilles in to place

Job done!

Porsche 991 Zunsport Grille Fitment Tutorial

Watch this short video tutorial with one of our technicians installing Zunsport Grilles to a Porsche 991.

Porsche Zunsport grilles are designed and manufactured to fit your specific Porsche model, they are available in a natural stainless steel or finished with a black coating. Follow this link to select your specific Porsche model and view Zunsport grille prices.

If you’d like any further information, please contact one of our technicians on 01423 865 602. Fitting is available at our Porsche specialist service centre in Harrogate, North Yorkshire


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