919 Evo Nurburgring

Porsche Smashes Nurburgring Lap Time

The long-standing lap record set by Stefan Belloff in a Porsche 956 has just been annihilated. This was achieved by Tim Berhard during the European victory tour of Porsche’s Le Mans winning 919 Hybrid

The 919 Hybrid was stripped of its regulatory ‘power sapping’ elements to create the 919 Evo which within an hour of the track opening at 8am this morning set an unbelievable lap time of 5m19.54s, that’s 1m23s quicker than a McLaren P1!

Nordschleife’s 12.9 mile Nurburgring has always been a race track held in high regard by car manufactures all over the world chasing the title of ‘fastest lap time. The previous record, set in 1983 came in at 6:11.13 minutes making the new 919 lap time 52 seconds faster.

The 919 Evo has huge amounts of power, both from its conventional V4 turbo engine and its energy retrieval systems, giving it a massive combined output of 1160bhp. Timo Bernhard, former Le Mans winner has smashed it out of the park for Porsche and we couldn’t be happier.

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