Porsche Sports Exhaust Upgrade

Porsche Sports Exhaust Systems

A sports exhaust is normally designed to deliver a deeper, more powerful tone to your Porsche. There are so many sports exhaust manufactures out there these days, all looking to produce a totally unique system. The aim, to deliver an experience that explodes your senses “in a good way” and one that can deliver an unparalleled driving experience. One where you know you are alive, your senses are being invigorated be the intoxicating sounds, where every drive turns into an adventure and every moment behind the wheel is one of pure exhilaration.

Well that is the dream anyway! Now for the reality
With such an array of systems on the market it can be difficult to find a sports exhaust system that delivers on the unique sound and quality requirements of every individual?
We have put together only a few options of the Porsche sports exhaust systems we offer and if you have any personal favourites when it comes to sports exhaust manufacturers please do get in touch and we will endeavour to source your preferred system.

Porsche 986 / 987 Sports Exhaust Modification

This is a standard stock exhaust silencer with a few simple modifications carried out, you will see from the photo’s that this silencer now incorporates two bypass pipes, which deliver an amount of unsilenced air from the engine, providing a deeper and more sporty tone.

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PSE – Porsche Switchable Sports Exhaust

The modern Porsche has a relatively deep and sporty sound as standard. However, this can be further enhanced by the addition of a PSE Porsche’s switchable sports exhaust.

With this system you control the tone and with just the touch of a button you can transform the sound of your road car to one that delivers a much racier sound.




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Shark Werks Sports Exhaust

Shark Werks have been modifying 911s for over a decade and now offer a range of exhaust silencer bypass systems, along with other upgrades for a number of modern-day Porsche variants.

The Shark Werks Sports Exhaust system dramatically enhances the sound of your Porsche and is now available for the majority of modern Porsche 911 Models.

This is one of the most popular systems with our GT3 customers.


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Fabspeed Porsche Sports Exhaust Systems

Fabspeed have over 25 years experience in the design and engineering of performance exhaust systems.

They offer an extensive range of Porsche sports exhausts that cater for the modern and classic Porsche models, they also offer many other performance parts including induction kits, turbo tuning kits, and ECU upgrades.


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Dansk Sports Exhaust System

Porsche 987 Boxster and Cayman options

This heavy duty stainless steel sports rear silencers including sports catalytic converters provides a deep sporty sound for Porsche 987 Cayman and Boxster models

The Dansk exhaust system is supplied in a polished finish and fitted in-house by our trained Porsche technicians.

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Dansk Porsche Sports Exhaust

Carnewal GT Exhaust


The Carnewal GT exhaust system is a modified original exhaust.

It looks just like a stock exhaust on the outside but the internals are changed to a better breathing, less restrictive exhaust.

All exhaust systems are fitted in-house by our trained Porsche technicians.

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Kline Sports Exhaust System

The Kline exhaust is a lightweight system designed to provide a rich raucous sound at high revs.

Tuned towards low rev resonance, the bass noise has been reduced at cruising speeds.

All exhaust systems are fitted in-house by our trained Porsche technicians.

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