Air Conditioning


Porsche Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioning system in your Porsche is more than a summer luxury, it is very beneficial throughout the winter months to remove moisture from within the cabin to help the internal demisting process.

The gas in most air conditioning systems has a natural leak off rate of around 10-15% per year. If left untreated, it can result in ineffective cabin cooling and increased fuel consumption due to the extreme pressures the compressor is put under when attempting to maintain the required level of cooling. Extreme cases can result in system deterioration which leads to failure of expensive components.

Air conditioning system re-charge £79.95 + VAT

This process involves the recovery of any gas contained within your Porsche’s air conditioning system. The system is vacuumed to draw out any moisture (if left, the gas can react under pressure producing an acid which eats away at the system) and held in a vacuumed state to check for leaks. We then add the required amount of gas and oil which contains a special UV dye to locate any future leakages.

We recommend an air conditioning service every 2 years.

Air conditioning system steriliser and deodoriser service £19.99 + VAT

This service combats bacteria build up within the air conditioning system and helps neutralize any unpleasant odours within the cabin to provide a healthier and more pleasant driving experience. This procedure can be performed on your Porsche independently or alongside the above air conditioning system re-charge.

We recommend a system sterilisation service on an annual basis.

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