EPS IMS Bearing Upgrade

What makes the EPS bearing solution different?

Roller bearings are not intended for carrying large axial loads. Similar to failure-prone ball bearings, when cylindrical roller bearings are used for thrust control, the roller becomes compromised due to the limited surface contact area on the sides of the rollers. The results of using a cylindrical bearing for thrust control will be similar to all other ball bearing solutions.

EPS have a patented system that uses a 15mm cylindrical bearing with thrust control that allows for the separation of the axial load from the radial load. This is to make full use of the space available and spread the load over the largest possible area. Additionally, due to their patented thrust control, the roller is a freewheeling roller, meaning there is no contact on the sides of the roller. Unlike any other cylindrical bearing solution, the axis load (thrust control) is not applied to the rollers, instead, it is applied to the entire perimeter of the outer face. The main advantage of this technology is that the rollers are not loaded from the side.


Features and Advantages:

  • cylindrical thrust control that holds 12 times the load capacity of ball bearings
  • repair without dissembling the engine
  • includes a modification for forced engine oil feed
  • contact engine oil pressure at bearing

EPS have been selling the cylindrical IMS bearing since 2013 with over 5,000 units provided to date and no reported failures. All units are supplied with a 5 year unlimited warranty.

For more information about the EPS bearing solution for your Porsche, please contact a member of our team on 01423865602

Information on this page is from the EPS website (2020)

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