Porsche Detailing and Valeting Services

If you keep your Porsche in great condition it will enhance its value as well as it looking great.


Detailing is the process of correcting paintwork using a machine polisher and specialist products. Our experienced technicians remove scratched and imperfections to give your Porsche that showroom finish you love.




Our professional valet service provides a complete cleaning and care service for your Porsche. Protecting the paint work of your car will stop it from fading whilst maintaining your car’s interior condition keeps it fresh and looking like new.

Your Porsche is treated with extreme care here at RPM, unlike machine car washes which can be abrasive and damage the bodywork.  We will hand wash the exterior using professional products and provide a thorough internal clean which includes instruments, carpets, rubber seals and upholstery.


Porsche Valeting

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