Wheel Alignment

Porsche Wheel Alignment and Steering Geometry

At RPM Specialist Cars we have invested in a professional state of the art computerised 4 wheel alignment / steering geometry bay. This consists of a rotary alignment lift specially designed with floating platforms and turn plates for a relaxed stress free position during the procedure. We use the state of the art Beissbarth 8 camera tech system which is fully programmed with Porsche software and settings. This machine is identical to the equipment used in Official Porsche Centres nationwide.

Maintain Optimum Porsche Performance

Although we are all aware as to the importance of having your vehicle serviced at regular intervals to help maintain it’s performance and reliability, one key factor that is often over looked is the vehicles stability and road holding. You may feel that your car handles fine but with the sophistication of your Porsche’s chassis and suspension, it requires just as much attention. Porsche have developed the suspension to give you optimum driving pleasure and performance but without regular checks and the necessary adjustments, there is no way of maintaining this. By having your vehicle’s steering geometry checked and adjusted on a regular basis you are not only helping to maintain your driving pleasure but also helping to reduce tyre wear, therefore increasing tyre life which in turn reduces long term expense. As well as using the Porsche factory settings we are happy to work with you to develop your own bespoke fast road or track setup.

Due to the sophistication and fine working tolerances within the settings of your Porsche’s chassis and suspension design we would recommend a full steering geometry assessment and adjustment if required every 2 years.

We are able to set your car to your specific requirements whether you would like us to use standard factory settings or work with you to develop your own bespoke road or track settings.

The cost for a check including the necessary adjustments starts from £145.00 + VAT

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